Saturday, October 26, 2013


Its a great concept, and not as difficult as I probably made it look - but these guys from the national championships are crazy good and certainly have done this more than a few times.

First attempt on the footboard

First attempt at barrel roll

And, now how it's supposed to be done....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A great man left this earth this week and joined those before him in heaven

I was blessed enough to have a chance to say a final goodbye this week, and was able to make sure he knew how much he influenced me over a decade ago on his 80th birthday.  My best memories as a kid were spending time with him, and I pray I never forget those.  RIP Grandaddy – I will see you again some day in that great fairway in the sky.  Keep hit ‘em straight till I get there! – Vince.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pebble Beach 2013

I recently crossed another one off the bucket list with a visit to Pebble Beach on a sunny 70 degree day in September.  My key impressions:  1) more beautiful than I could have ever imagined – sitting high above the ocean, the views are dramatic / amazing – better than you can ever understand on TV, and 2) more difficult than I ever realized – more holes on ocean-side cliffs than I knew, tiny little undulating greens (and they were rolling FAST with the wind and the fact that a PGA Champions Tour event was starting there this same week), and lots of wind.  I broke 100 – and I'm calling that a victory.  I also played with the same ball until an OB on my second shot on 18 (right of all things!) - so no penalty strokes until 18 and still pushed the century mark.  That should tell you something about the conditions and greens.

The following are probably my favorite holes with number 8 highlighting an unbelievable approach shot over a 150 foot cliff – I was on in regulation with 2 solid shots, but three-putted (unfortunately a common occurrence that day).